Christopher Ramjit

Sales Manager in Queens, New York

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Christopher Ramjit is a sales manager with Humana Health Insurance. He enjoys his career helping the community maintain health and fitness and really cares about the well being of his clients.

Christopher Ramjit gained his strong sense of morals, ethics, and caring for others from his family growing up. He has maintained these same values today with his family.

Family bonding is one of the most important aspects of life for Christopher Ramjit. He loves traveling and going on vacation with family to gain new, fun, and memorable experiences with one another. One of his favorite recent vacations was a cruise vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas where Christopher and his family were able to explore the beautiful beaches and incredible scenic views of the Caribbean.

Christopher Ramjit also maintains various other hobbies. For one, he enjoys playing sports and spending time outdoors. Since he was a kid, Christopher has enjoyed staying active and appreciating nature. His favorite sport both to play and watch is football. After growing up in Queens, New York, Christopher Ramjit has remained a big New York Giants fan. He loves football season when he can sit down and watch the games on Sunday with his family and also feel the excitement of friendly competition in his fantasy football league with his friends.

Outside of sports and the outdoors, Christopher Ramjit also enjoys men's fashion, particularly watches. He loves checking out new styles and functionalities of watches. Currently his collection consists of over 22 watches from some of his favorite brands including Seiko, Movado, and Invicta.

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