Christopher Ryan

Stony Brook, New York

Mind of a growth hacker, raconteur at heart.

Seeking an opportunity with an internet/media organization at the intersection of arts and culture, research and technology. Ideal position would provide exposure to collaborative projects in Marketing, Design, Editorial and Social Media.

Previously Managing Editor at Long Island Based Magazine. Likes popping culture and privilege. Some of my favorite things: context, human experience, fresh ingredients, cities, technology, magnanimity.

Skillful knowledge in publishing, writing and editing, internet, social media, and arts and entertainment to name a few.

Followed by Nein Quarterly (@NeinQuarterly), Michele Catalano (@inthefade), Mat Honan (@mat), Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), Virginia Heffernan (@page88), Darth (@darth) and Subtweet Cat (@subtweetcat), HubSpot (@HubSpot) and Marketing Cloud (@marketingcloud), The Food Network (@foodnetwork), Henry Alford (@henryalford) and Matt Bogie (@mattbogie).

Contact Christopher about writing and editing services, web development, and media and marketing.

Say hello on twitter: @topherjryan.

Email to chris [at] topherjryan [dot] com.

  • Education
    • Binghamton University