Christopher Slye

Type Professional and Designer in California

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I am a Silicon Valley native who, in the late ’80s, was inspired by the emerging field of digital typography. I studied type design and type history while working as a graphic designer, eventually producing the Elmhurst typeface family (distributed by Font Bureau), and consulting for type-related companies such as Monotype and MvB Design.

From 1997 to 2020, I was a member of Adobe’s Type team. I first joined the typographic staff, where I helped to expand the design and functionality of Adobe Originals typefaces, including Myriad, Tekton, Caflisch Script, and others. Eventually, I helped guide Adobe’s type-related technology and initiatives, including its partnership with, and acquisition of, the pioneering web font service Typekit. As manager of business and licensing for type, I worked to improve the way people use and experience type through the Adobe Fonts service (formerly Typekit) and all other Adobe products and services.

From 2021 to 2023 I was president of Type Network. Today I am a member of the Letterform Archive board of directors and an ex-officio member of the SOTA board of directors.