Christopher Zobrist

Startup Coach, Innovation Consultant, and Ecosystem Designer in Berkeley, California

Mr. Zobrist has over 20 years of experience as both an entrepreneur and educator, with a focus on helping teams to successfully integrate innovation theory and entrepreneurial practice. He is currently an independent consultant to innovative start-ups and projects within larger organizations, as well as a coach to founders and executives focused on innovation. He draws upon both practical experience, as well as applied research to help set and achieve tangible results. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science from UC Berkeley, and a Master’s of Business Administration from UC Davis, with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Management of Innovation, respectively. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership at the University of Southern California.

In his spare time, Christopher has developed a strong practice and application of meditation into his life. He has attended over 60 weeks of intensive meditation retreats, and has a formal practice of 1-2 hours everyday.

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, or executive with a focus on innovative projects, mindfulness, and well-being, please feel free to connect and schedule a call.

  • Education
    • Uc Berkeley, Haas
    • UC Davis Graduate School of Management