Christos Beretas

cyber security, information technology, and privacy in Paris, Γαλλία

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I am holder of Bachelors, Diploma, Masters, and Ph.D degree in the field of Information Technology and Cyber Security, also i hold various certificates, i am hardworking, conscientious, and diligent person who can be characterized by strong character, i am mature and intelligent person who has the academic background, the intellectual capabilities, and the personal determination to pursue excellence in my responsibilities, i am honest, fair, and positive person who aim high and deserve to reach high.

My focus areas are, researching, analyzing, evaluating, build software solutions, secure computer networks, management information systems, database and network administration, testing new programs to enhance the information technology, social media networks, and the telecommunications systems for every organization's global outreach efforts. My credentials speak loudly about my ability to analyze the problem, design the solution and then implement it to a successful conclusion.

As an honor graduate i am the uncommon person who has excelled in skilled workmanship, dependability, leadership and academic achievement. My research projects are respected internationally; also, i am member of Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society of the United States of America.

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