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Christos Diamantakos

Athens ,Greece

Accomplished professional with more than 5 years of experience in driving market dominance, combining extensive hands-on experience with advanced training, including a Master of Science degree in International Marketing. Fluent in French, English, and Greek.

Zampple is a unique consumer club that brings the concept of tryvertising -try before you buy- to life, for the first time in Greece and combines it with innovative product research for the first time in the world. Zampplers visit our store once per month, see all the products displayed and choose the ones they want to try for free. They then give feedback for the products tried in an online platform and share their experience with other consumers. In a nutshell, we are bringing together sampling in an exclusive environment, product test with an advanced online methodology and word-of-mouth techniques, as to help brands and consumers stop competing with each other and start talking to each other.
-Market Research
-Product Management
-Account Management

In love with poetry, books and sports.

Living in Athens.Husband of a beautiful wife.

  • Work
    • Zampple
  • Education
    • Msc , International Marketing