Christos Mountzouros

New York, NY

I’m a senior freelance producer living in NYC. I specialize in design, animation, and visual effects for TV, film, and the web. I’ve dabbled in experiential and interactive work as well as fashion. I’m passionate about design, music, fashion, and art. I’m a musician. I live in Soho. I take care of my plants and I love to cook.

What I Do:

Develop creative content for brands and agencies for a variety of platforms
Manage projects from development through project completion
Ensure projects are completed to the highest creative potential
Create and manage schedules and milestones
Guarantee project margins
Provide detailed estimates to clients for a diverse range of work
Organize and lead creative reviews
Manage teams of artists
Find talent and staff my jobs
Organize 2D+3D pipelines
Create custom reels for perspective clients
Manage client expectation 631.848.9381