Chris Trinidad

San Francisco Bay Area, California

In the present, I live a life of adventure as a musician, teacher, learner, and conductor based in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. I was raised in a home with lots of love and plenty of laughter in Richmond, an island city suburb of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As husband and partner to Pialeen, son to Jaime and Maria, brother to Celine, grandson to Felizarda, uncle to some, and nephew or cousin to many, I appreciate the affirmation and freedom my family provided me while I recognized and pursued my calling. I have discerned that the ultimate aim of my work is to encourage, empower, affirm, and accompany the people with whom I work to recognize and to pursue their own calling. I am most grateful for realizing my role in this life, for the occasions to share the work and my music, and for the opportunities to try to serve others freely in a spirit of faith and with an ardent zeal.

As a lifelong learner, I enjoy meeting challenges in formal and structured academic environments as well as in informal and unstructured experiential learning situations. Along the way, I developed a number of related interests, some of which have taken on lives of their own. I am comfortable with change and I am committed to furthering my growth. My hope is that through these challenges I can become a better person for other people and perhaps I can even convey a little of who I am through the work and my music. The experiences I have gained learning and working in various fields and disciplines has taught me to apply a balance of strategic critical thinking and creative problem solving to the work. At the heart of the work is the opportunity to be in relationship and to build community with people through open communication, warm collegiality, and effective collaboration. I believe that anything worth doing in life is worth doing well; the rewards are intrinsic. Yet, the gift of life and the grace of living in this world have much to offer and to teach me. So, I try to live with humility and integrity as I stroll, sometimes struggle, and often stumble along these roads less traveled.

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