Chris Weier

Entrepreneur in Copenhagen, Denmark

Chris Weier

Entrepreneur in Copenhagen, Denmark

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I love beginnings - I like to constantly try new things, learn quickly by getting feedback and try to understand where I have succeeded or failed in the past. This is one of the reasons I have become an entrepreneur.

I am a visionary: I always take the opportunity to challenge others to join me in driving change. I have profound insights into current trends and market demand, which boosts my creativity and gives me new ideas.

I have a natural drive to challenge myself and others to perform, to overcome anything in our path to achieve our goals.

I speak many (team) languages - My natural ability to work well with a variety of people from other disciplines allows me to bring together different individual strengths. My education as an engineer who started her career as a frontend developer before finding my true passion in product design helped me get here.

I see change as a positive force and never let the tendency to follow traditional methods limit my ability to go beyond it to achieve surprising results. Challenges do not scare me. I firmly believe there is a solution to every problem.

How my clients and partners describe me:

Strategic thinker

Drive & determination


Team spirit

Flexible and structured


Passion for learning


Demand for quality

Energizing, positively inspiring

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