Ralf Becker


I work as a brand consultant and conceptual designer. Through my work experience I know the needs of brands on the one side as well as consumers and media on the other. Some say I am an influencer, others use my experience and expertise to boost their marketing or even go so far as to use me as a brand ambassador.

As founder and Editor-in-Chief of Chromjuwelen.com (Chrome Jewels), I have been lucky enough to create my own network of treasured advisors. Because of my history in car culture at all levels, I know the do's and don'ts of those highly sensitive — and extremely influential — scenes. I am able to connect both, on both professional and personal levels. Based on my own everyday communication, I am very skilled in utilizing suitable online tools, i.e. blogs, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Therefore I also advise on questions regarding "audience development".

My vita has obviously gifted me with numerous established and proven strategic partnerships, alliances and sustained connections with international associations, which I can bring in to create and enhance marketing potentials. In effect, this means my network enables your brand's marketing to simultaneously communicate powerfully and credibly across various channels. Think synergies, think co-operational marketing, think new business: you've got it!

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