Chuck Pearson

Geek at Large in Greeneville, Tennessee

Chuck Pearson

Geek at Large in Greeneville, Tennessee

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Hardly official. But officially nerdy.

Now Associate Professor of Natural Sciences at Tusculum College.

College science teaching and advising specialist. Currently teaching chemistry (biological/organic/physical) and molecular and cellular biology. Recent history in physics education (algebra-based, for life sciences) and chemistry education (general/organic/physical), but sufficient background to handle everything from a random non-majors course to quantum mechanics, and all points in-between.

Strong history in health professions advising, but will obsess over a college catalog with the best of them.

Ed-tech nerd (and raving Moodle fan, but getting up to speed on Piazza and other means of collaborative learning).

Education policy obsessive.

Eclectic music listener.

(You probably don't want to know about my college football passion - but I grew up in north Florida/south Georgia, I went to grad school at Ohio State, and my postdoc was in Birmingham, Alabama; you do the math. You also probably don't want to know that I was at the first Columbus Crew match in 1996, was at the last US Open Cup final a non-MLS team won in 1999, and have been a raving fan of American soccer - at all levels - for over two decades.)

Evangelical Christian. I don't wonder about the Christian part. I wonder about the Evangelical part ALL THE TIME.

  • Work
    • Tusculum College
  • Education
    • PhD in Biophysics from the Ohio State University