Cindy Barrymore

Photographer, Writer, and Editor in Lake Forest, Illinois

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I’ve worked in just about every facet of media from TV and film to magazines, promotional materials, newspapers, and books.

I currently work as a media and editorial consultant, which (in addition to coaching executives and helping companies reach their communications goals in Corporate America) also includes writing and shooting photography for PR and journalism.

I’ve specifically covered entertainment since the 1990s, as well as performed in TV commercials and studied the history of the arts and pop culture extensively. My work has appeared in People, Us, Newsweek, Self, Life & Style, OK!, Glamour, Bazaar and on E!, TMZ, BET, the Wendy Williams Show and Oxygen, to name a few.

When it comes to expensive clothes, shoes and cars, I enjoy being as superficial as the next big trend. As far as intellect, however, I’m deeper than you can imagine.

Therefore, you shouldn't expect for me to belong to ANY clique. I am my own person who marches to her own tune. I did not come out when my parents expected. Yet, I’ve come out better than they expected — and their expectations are high. But none are higher than those I set for myself.

Despite minimal financial help from family, I’ve sent myself to school, earning several graduate degrees, with more continuing education atop the horizon.

Yeah, I'm a square. But I’m also incredibly stylish when I need to be. I'm a kind-hearted, trustworthy person (whose trust you must steadfastly earn before I’ll even consider you an ally). I’m loyal to those loyal to me. I keep no company with idlers, backstabbers or connivers.

I take my vow of journalism ethics seriously.

I’m an award-winning professional with stellar letters of recommendation and a résumé to match. All items made available to the right person upon request.