Cindy Clemens

Entrepreneur, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and Best-Selling Author in Portland, Oregon

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I am a first generation entrepreneur who fully believes in the entrepreneurial spirit. I believe most people have something inside of them that can be developed into a business and I love helping people who have found that part of themselves grow their dream into reality.

I help them behind the scenes with systems to automate their marketing allowing them more time to focus on their passion.

We use many tools to accomplish this but primarily focus on Infusionsoft Implementation, Wordpress assistance, and connecting other tools such as webinar or membership site programs so everything works smoothly together freeing up time to do the things they love instead of the behind the scenes things.

I grew up in a rural town in Idaho and had the opportunity to see where things come from and how to live in a simpler world. I then moved to Phoenix and had the opportunity to see the world from a very different place. So I feel I am in a unique position to look at things from all angles and determine various ways to approach it.

I moved to Portland Oregon at the end of 2012 and LOVE it here. The beauty amazes me each day and the people are just as wonderful.

If you see me at an event PLEASE come up and say hello. Also feel free to use the various links below to connect with me across the web. I love to meet new people and learn about them and their business. And if there is anything I can do to help you please feel free to ask.

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