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Selecting Clothing To Wear While Biking

When someone is just getting started in the exciting hobby of cycling, they may not be sure about what type of clothing to wear. They will want to have an outfit that is non-restrictive and comfortable while riding. Here are some tips in picking out the proper cycling attire for someone who plans on riding long distances.

Many people opt to wear bike shorts while cycling. These cover their body while allowing the legs to be exposed so they do not become overheated. Underwear is not worn under a pair of bike shorts. This is because it could become bunched up, causing chaffing as the cyclist keeps moving. These shorts have built-in padding to help keep the body protected from scrapes while riding. Many people find bike shorts with bibs to be rather comfortable. The overall feature allows the shorts to be worn without restrictive elastic, letting the body have increased circulation during riding.

A good bike jersey is essential when riding a bike. These shirts are made to keep moisture away from the skin as the cyclist rides. The moisture-wicking fabric is breathable and lightweight. Most bike jerseys have a zippered front so they can be paired with a tank top underneath if desired. This way in really hot weather, they can be quickly taken off to stow inside a bike bag. There are pockets on the back of the shirt for keeping essentials easily within reach while the cyclist on on their bike.

Many people enjoy expressing their personality through their bike jersey. There are a variety of patterns and prints available on the market. The print on the jersey can be used to show others a favorite band, the state in which the the cyclist lives, or a team they route for. Bright-colors can be worn to help make the cyclist noticed on the road.

When someone has further questions about selecting bike clothing, they can contact a service like Circle City Bikes. Going to a web page like will allow them to browse several jersey styles as well as take in some tips about biking in general.