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Motion Placements Ltd (CityTravelReview Projects) has been successful in Winning

'Best Educational Project Facilitator 2018' via the Organisation AI Acquisition International.

CityTravelReview was nominated and awarded for the second year running the title of 'Best for Educational Working Projects 2017' by the AI Business Excellence Awards. The award was published in the first quarter of 2017.

CityTravelReview was first recognised and won for the first time under the same category in the AI Business Excellence Awards in 2016.

We were also recently shortlisted in the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017 held by CorporateLiveWire and we are pleased to announce that CityTravelReview has won in the Category of 'Excellence in Work Experience Services'.

CityTravelReview was named one of the Top Rated International Internships of 2016 via GoAbroad.

CTR provides opportunities to integrate work, travel and formal education. These are gap periods of 3-12 weeks which mix a lethal cocktail of study, work and a lot of fun! Our programmes attract undergraduates, graduates, post graduates along with young professionals taking time out of their usual day job to add new skills to their CV/Resumé or portfolio.