Colleen Sullivan

Denver, Colorado

My Background:

I am a business marketing student at the University of Northern Colorado. I am interested in hospital marketing. I came across the passion for healthcare during my volunteer experiences in high school.

Through my first years of college I was not really sure what role I wanted play in the healthcare system. During my sophomore year at the University of Northern Colorado I took a course, Foundation of Business Thought. In this course we were introduced to concepts such as Adam Smith's philosophy of the invisible hand, Andrew Carnegie's opinion of the benefits of competition and many more. After taking this course I was inspired by the business world. With this newfound passion for business I was still interested in a career in healthcare.

Leadership experience:
During my experience at the University of Northern Colorado I was very involved in Greek Life. I was elected by my chapter to serve on the Executive Council as Vice President of Finance. This position taught me valuable leadership, communication and financial skills. I was later elected, President of Sigma Kappa. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn time management, delegation, and public speaking skills. I was honored to receive the 'Chapter President of the Year' award from the University of Northern Colorado Panhellenic council.

Studying abroad experience:

My backround photo is a picture of my trip to Europe this past summer. I After my study abroad experience in Vilnius, I became very interested in different global marketing strategies. One of my favorite things to do while studying abroad was to go into grocery stores and observe the product differentiation between Europe and the United States.

I loved getting to know the students in my class while I was studying abroad. In my program there were students from all over the world. I quickly realized that communication and work ethic between different cultures can be very different. I am very grateful that I had this oppertunity because it taught me valuable communication skills.

After my time in Vilinus, I began to see my country differently and witness how some people view the United States. I was captivated by how large the world is and I continue to be inspired by other cultures.

  • Education
    • University of Northern Colorado