Claire Kilpatrick


Director S3 Global, has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) at global, regional and country since 2008 after working at national level in public health for many years, Was also on WHO’s infection prevention Ebola response team, on location for the United Nations Mission on Emergency Ebola Response (UNMEER) in Ghana.

Generally leads on development and implementation of healthcare improvement strategies, based on evidence-based patient safety recommendations, as well as social marketing behaviour change campaigns including WHO’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global annual campaign, working with countries all over the world to ensure action. Coordinates a number of global networks. Actively involved in publishing, both through traditional methods (contributor to many WHO Guideline/documents including Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention, Surgical Site Infecton Prevention, and chapters in a number of books) and social media, with a track record of success as director of communications for a UK and Ireland charity. Has undertaken many short term field missions focusing on both improvement strategies and infection outbreak management in a range of countries.

Expert advisor on a number of national and international groups and peer reviewer for a number of journals and University PhD studies. On HIFA (health information for all) social media working group and advisory board of the Arab Countries Infection Control Network.

Recent (collaborative) winner of two prestigious industry awards for a campaign visual identity and an animation video, runner up Hubert Tuor Innovation Academy Award and won paper of the year in Journal of Research in Nursing.

Registered nurse with a post-graduate diploma in infection prevention and a Masters in Medical Science (travel medicine and public health). Member of the faculty of travel medicine, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow) and an honorary research fellow, Faculty of Medicine Imperial College London. Studying PhD through Radboud University.