Clarence Chan

Clarence Chan is the founder of Bandwagon, an online live music finder that aims to connect you to live music. An avid musician himself, Clarence graduated from Singapore’s leading business school, SMU with First Class Honors in Economics & Business and a dream of making the world a better place. Clarence stands out from his peers with his firm focus on making a difference in the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

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Clarence has spearheaded music tech start up, Keyboard Theatre's international expansion and location operations, working with world renowned brands Nord, Muse Research and Icon. His research work on the music industry also impressed the faculty of SMU and secured him a place in MTV Asia’s Strategy Team. Competitive, driven and a fast thinker, Clarence was a finalist in Bain & Company's Business Case Competition held in 2009.

Bandwagon was borne out of a problem Clarence saw in obtaining live music information during his extensive travels in Europe, America and here in Asia. Clarence's desire is to make such information more accessible to music lovers, essentially to “connect the world to live music”.

Bandwagon beta was launched in October 2011 and is currently undergoing development in preparation for its next version.


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