Ronnie Clark

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You should know that....

I am available , and I am open to hearing from you. If I can not "Remedy" your issue. I PROMISE to help you find a SOLUTION THAT WORKS. I will never leave you hanging. Feel free to contact me. 678-701-5355 - Direct (24/7)

Personally Speaking:

Over these years I have always toyed around with technology and making music via my computer is as a favorite hobby of mine. I enjoy people and the social aspects of life. I am a humanitarian with a very passionate personality. I subscribe to helping and being of service to others. I commit my energy in this direction. I am a true student of life, and I am constantly seeking to improve my ability to prosper by enriching this experience we call life. Largely, by learning from the lessons derived from making mistakes. I know I will never be a perfect person, but I am committed to being better today than yesterday!

Professionally Speaking:

I have served our country via the United States Army, holding key roles at the very heart of our country's secure IT Infrastructure. I was awarded a security clearance level that is only issued to the top 1% of all service members of US Military Armed Forces combined. Being awarded a TSSBI Clearance afforded me opportunity to support top level government agencies such as: The Pentagon, The National Security Agency (NSA), The White House Communications, NASDAC, FAA, and The United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the span of 14 years, as a Civilian, I have continued my career in project management, quality assurance, and IT Blah....Blah....Blah......Yeah...Yeah....Whatever....TMI......LOL

I have an open door (678-701-5355), and I am open to hearing from you. If I can not REMOVE the PROBLEM, I PROMISE to help you find a SOLUTION THAT WORKS. Feel free to contact me.



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