Claude Fullinfaw

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I have been living in Brisbane, Australia since 1984.

Soon after migrating I opened my first Indian restaurant and stayed in traditional business until 2004. During this time I got married, had 2 sons and did quite well financially.

But soon in the mid 90's I ran into trouble. In 1997 things went bucket up and I lost my marriage and my business and it took years to pay off a debt of over 300,000 dollars.

Well when things get hard we start looking!

It was in early 2001 that I read the book "RICH DAD POOR DAD" by Robert Kiyosaki and realized that I had to work smarter.

I had finally learned the power of leverage!

Financially weak having just paid off massive debt I saw the network marketing industry as the viable way to get up and running again.

I started looking for a company that could give me back all I lost plus more without compromising my health and finances ever again. My Home Based Business Now!

I came to realize that to be successful one has to have 4 principles working together to create wealth:

  1. Huge Expanding Markets
  2. Unique & Consumable Products,
  3. Timing
  4. Training & Support

With this knowledge I partnered up with USANA Health Sciences, a nutritional manufacturer of the highest nutritional supplements in the world. This company had what I needed and it had a 50 year vision. Not a short term vision.

Today I help individuals with their nutritional and weight management needs and mentor them how they can attain optimum health using USANA's cutting edge science based products.

I connect and partner up with like minded people who want to help others, want more out of life with a lifestyle that a USANA Home Based Business can offer.

Thank you!

Claude Fullinfaw


  • Work
    • Gold Director @ USANA Health Sciences
  • Education
    • Diploma in Hotel Management