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The existing Thailand T8 form asks that you fill in your name, birth date, nationality, passport number, and any additional details required. Once you have completed this section you'll be asked to list all of your travelling and living structures.

The Thailand T8 Form is one of several travel advisories for Thailand during the forthcoming COPIA-19 pandemic. This is an eleven-day Chinese quarantine period that begins on April 1st and runs until May 4th. The form is simple to complete and involves completing some simple information, submitting any relevant documentation to validate the identity and also to declare that, as of this time, the traveller is symptom free.

The fundamental reasons for carrying a Thailand T8 health declaration form would be to prevent contracting the deadly swine flu (H3N2) virus. This avian infection is highly infectious among human beings. It can be transmitted through direct contact, like touching an item that has been used by a symptomatic individual. Nevertheless, it may also be transmitted via busy settings and through aerosols, such as from cooking containers and air conditioners, aerosols blown by enthusiasts, and through coughing or coughing. A wholesome individual can become infected with an H3N2 virus without being conscious of it unless they have suffered a serious infection and a health assessment has been completed.