Claudia Batten

Boulder, CO

Claudia has spent over 15 years in the technology sector as a founder, advisor, mentor, board member and enthusiast.

Claudia Batten was part of the founding team of Massive, a first-of-its-kind network for advertising in video game, sold to Microsoft in 2006. In 2009 she co-founded Victors & Spoils, the first advertising agency built on the principles of crowdsourcing. French holding company Havas bought a majority interest in the agency in 2012.

She is now actively involved in a number of companies including and, focusing on new ways to use digital tools. Star86 is a virtual world that uses creative play to support the development of resilience and self-concept in children. Broadli is a platform that aims to digitise serendipity, helping to put your digital network to work for you. She's the creator and advocate of The Squiggly Line - her methodology for navigating the non linear line to achieving the exceptional.

Claudia has partnered with advertising agencies and brands at a strategic level, working to solve the issues that they face and helping them to adapt to new models. She is also a regular speaker on digital innovation, digital media and building businesses of the future; topics she's extremely passionate about. She became the youngest person appointed to the New Zealand Government's Trade and Exchange US Beachheads Board in 2007, and awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award from Victoria University in 2012 in recognition of her commitment to New Zealand and her achievements in tech. In 2014 she was the youngest ever recipient of the World Class New Zealand Supreme award in honor of her dedication and drive in support of New Zealand entrepreneurs.

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