Claudia Guzmán

San Francisco, California

Mexican born San Franciscan

Foodie, there's a new eatery in my area? It ends up on my mental To Taste List.

Music moves my soul.

Social Media Fan, yes I do believe that facebook redesigned the way you market and advertise to your audience, and I bet there is more to come. New ideas are always rising. Social Media and the Internet as a whole is a double edge sword, it can build you or break you. Did you know that there are actual companies that offer the service to clean/save your online reputation? GENIUSE right?

Hispanic Marketing Consultant, I worked with impreMedia at their San Francisco Bay Area publication El Mensajero. I introduced classic methods (i.e. Print, Pre-prints/Inserts, Event Marketing) and new methods of advertising (i.e. Web Banners, Video Ads, E-Blasts, Mobile, SEO, and more) to those businesses who choose to market to the Spanish Language Market in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A Forever Student; seems like I'm always taking a class of some sort.

WannaBe Photographer, I've been told that I have a good eye and I believed it, so I bought a camera and started taking pictures.

Social Busy Bee, it seems like there aren't enough hours in a day, enough days in a week, and weekends in each month.

I like to encourage my peers with their dreams and business plans.

Entrepreneur, in the plans to start my own business. My dream is to own a Flower/Art Gallery that prsents the beauty of flowers and my Latin Culture.

Hablo Español

  • Education
    • Some College
    • City College of San Francisco