Claudian Dobos

Network Entrepreneur, Facilitator, and Evolutionary Mentor & Advisor in Romania

Claudian Dobos

Network Entrepreneur, Facilitator, and Evolutionary Mentor & Advisor in Romania

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Born in the city of Miercurea-Ciuc in the Romanian Carpathian mountains I was offered the opportunity to grow in a city and on the same time closer to the natural environment. The communist regime time, the rural past of my family and the multi-cultural social space deeply shaped my inner world.
I lived in Spain and Portugal for almost half of my life.
My professional journey goes along design, communication and image, management, strategy and facilitation.
I am passionate about networking, sensing the future and manifesting the embodied gifts. I love human evolutionary capacity and its inter-being potential.

Due to my activity and commitments I wear several hats (not all on the same time): find out more in the sections of my website:

Since 2008 I started a journey that made me committed to causes as sustainability, climate change mitigation, grass-roots initiatives, community activation, biodiversity regeneration, cultural design and many, many others.

I was born in 1976 in the Chinese year of the dragon.
From the mayan perspective I am a white wizard.

I practice meditation for the last 7 years and for now I am living in the Romanian intentional community project of Aurora in Hunedoara County.

I do use a whole range of tools. All of them appeal to integral and evolutionary purpose, exploring and building on the individual and collective capacity mind-heart-will.
I do design processes for individuals and organizations.

As advisor, I have been collaborating with small and big, local and global organizations. Focused in manifesting all the potential, my close to heart subjects are: organizational culture transformation, branding – communication, stretching potential, sustainability and climate change challenges, future sensing, collective creational capacitation and “teal”-ing.

I am an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. Since 2010 I moved to eco-social entrepreneurship, igniting, connecting and cross-pollinating projects, organisations, countries.

I do have a clear criteria on selecting projects and organisations that I work with.
The evolutionary dimension is a must-have-present in all the activities that I engage.