clay forsberg

What is an "About" page. Is it what you do to make money? Is it what you used to do to make money? What if making money isn’t what you only want to be known for? Or should I ramble on about my passion for education reform and generational analysis.

Should I mention college, even though aside from producing concerts, I learned little? Or should I talk about being the single parent of my daughter, Alex, and its impact – personally and professionally, it had on me.

Should my page be about my last few years – which has been like a ‘box of chocolates,’ sometimes it’s good and … well sometimes, it’s like those awful ones with the cherries. Thank God for a waterproof tent and “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Or should I go into detail about my new company, "the bleedingEDGE," home of Community 3.0, and my take on "Cause-infused loyalty marketing" designed specifically for Main Street ... not Wall Street.

I spent fifteen years as a headhunter in the digital printing world, so I'm familiar with resumes and how people can present themselves.

But if you really what to know me ... read my blog, "On the Road to Your Perfect World," - it'll show you what I'm really "About."