Terrell Clayton

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I am a actor, writer, producer, and teacher. The majority of my success thus far is in film and television. I began writing screenplays in 2006, and have met with every major studio regarding my work. Writing is another avenue of expression, which gives me the opportunity to tell stories from my point of view. The diversiy in America is so incredible, that it must be penned by those who live it.

The best way to describe producing, is like trying to surf the wave that will take you to shore. If you wipe out, oh well, you just paddle back out. Lol.

One of the greatest responsibilites I've ever had is teaching. When a young actor comes to you, with their dream in their hand, you have to be extraodinarily careful with it and them. They rely on you to be right, to care, to prepare them. It's definitely a wow factor.

There's no greater expression for me than the entertainment industry. It gives me the opportunity to express me. I can share the ever changing me, with the world as it happens. Pretty cool, huh?