Juanita Ramos Corum

Juanita Ramos Corum was born in the San Joaquin valley to a Filipino/Hawaiian immigrant father and Castilian Spanish mother. She spent her early childhood in Santa Barbara and playing in the family fields of central California.

Her early environment played an integral role in shaping her future. She became fascinated with the fight of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) and spoke out in its support. That experience was the many of activist events.

During the Alyeska Pipeline, she worked in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska eventually becoming the first woman to be appointed as General Foreman for ARCO / Sohio Oil and Gas, Gathering Center One project.

Along her journey, Ramos Corum has held many roles including executive event producer, international student recruiter, talent manager/agent, negotiator, public speaker, and fundraiser.

She is a mentor and trusted advisor to C-suite executives and leadership professionals. During her work, she has advised, and concurrently learned from, foreign dignitaries, CEOs, at-risk youth, incarcerated youth and adults, politicians, judicial officers, national and foreign representatives of U.S. and gang members.

Executive Event Producer

US Deparment of Commerce certified "Imagine Study USA®—International Student Recruitment Exhibitions: Americas, Asia, Europe US Pavilion within COMDEX (IT) US Pavilion within MIDEM— “The” international music festival in Paris Seattle Municipal Court Youth Prevention Program Parent Network Summit® Co-founder Seattle Safe Schools Committee—designating Safe & Drug Free Zones around 100 schools

Juanita Ramos Corum currently works to help individuals and corporations conserve fuel,reduce emissions, and increase gas mileage through her family owned company Echo4Global, Inc. She is an advocate for cleaner air and water for our world and strives to ensure our children can live in a clean and safe environment.