Cliff Canan

Web/Mobile App Builder, Entrepreneur, and Project Manager in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Welcome! I'm Cliff and I'm a Philly-based startup junkie and programmer. I try to bring technology into entrenched systems that are due for "a better way". I built Nooch - a P2P moible payments app - after graduating from Duke with too many friends who never paid me back. I taught myself to code and love to build clean, usable web and iOS apps. Also co-founded Rent Scene, a "digital brokerage" using technology to automate the apartment hunting experience.

When not reading up on state Money Transmitter laws, I'm an ambidextrous ping-pong player, political junkie, colorful rhetorician, Wentz-Wagon rider, and an Eagle Scout.

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  • Work
    • Nooch Inc
  • Education
    • Duke University