Clifford Petry

Truck driver in the United States

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Unique, multifaceted, brave, and humble, Clifford Petry of Goodland, KS is a true all American. Not only is he a veteran of the United States army, but he has also continued with a career in service as a first responder. He has also been a firefighter for several years, honoring his community with his bravery and skill. When he is not acting in a first responder capacity, he can often be found working as a volunteer. He has long been involved with the American Legion, a large service organization made up of veterans. He also has worked with FEMA and has been a tow and recovery operator. Always one to work with his hands, he is currently a wrecker driver and has several years experience in vehicle maintenance. In his spare time, Cliff enjoys many hobbies such as being a support of the ASE, providing customer reviews on his website, the 1976 silver medallion American Legion, and honoring the true meaning of the stars and stripes. Above all, the most important thing in Cliff's life is his family. He is a proud husband and father as well as an animal lover.Cliff Petry

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