Clint Fanslow

Musician in Lake Charles, Louisiana

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My name is Clint Fanslow, and I’m a private music instructor in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I’ve spent the last 30 years learning everything there is to know about the music industry. Since taking on my current role, the most rewarding part has been teaching students and experiencing their progression.

My approach to teaching is largely inspired by the universal impact music has on the world and its diverse implementation in all cultures. In addition to focusing on the technical aspects of playing guitar, I expose my students to a wide variety of genres. I am well versed in classical, instrumental, blues, jazz, rock, fusion, hard rock, and metal.

I have held hundreds of teaching lessons as a freelance guitar instructor to individuals and in group settings. I also have experience working with individuals with special needs, as I believe everyone should be able to enjoy making music.

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