Abhi Tripathi ☁

Blogger and Salesforce Evangelist in Atlanta, Georgia

Abhi Tripathi ☁

Blogger and Salesforce Evangelist in Atlanta, Georgia

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I'm the best at what I do. And what I do...is so terribly pretty!

Salesforce Evangelist, Blogger, loved working on Salesforce, a #Trailhead fan, and fan of the Salesforce #ohana community, Pro in Salesforce discussion board, love to learn and explore new things in salesforce and to give back to the community,

Love blogging and keep posting about updates of Salesforce, been there on blogger for years now, I started blogging for fun, but now its an important hobby to me.

#WIT supporter, Salesforce WIT is growing everyday now, and they are awesome.

I started my carrier in Salesforce with 100 USD per months in a startup in INDIA, and I just thank Salesforce for making me eligible to get a job. Then I moved to Bangalore for some time, as it was my dream to do job in Bangalore INDIA, I was about to settle down there, but didn't know destiny was thinking something else for me, Now I live in USA, and started dreaming big now, will become CTA one day.

I play chess like a pro, before making my hands dirty in Salesforce, I was a full time chess player (with no earnings) , it's great, I can play chess all day, with my friends and family.

I am a foodie, I can eat more then you think, I love INDIAN food, specially if it is cooked by my mother.

Life is Good...!!! :)

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