Clovette Meikle

Consultant, Life Coach, and Public Speaker in Washington, D.C

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Meet Clovette, a hypnotherapist, leadership, and mindset coach for SAAS sales with a passion for bringing balance and wellness to the fast-paced world of technology. With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry and a background in mindfulness and meditation practices, Clovette has a unique perspective on how to help sales execs and their teams thrive in a high-stress work environment.

Clovette began her career as a beauty-based entrepreneur, then later took her entrepreneurial and leadership experience to the corporate landscape to prove to herself and others that an employee with a business mindset could become wildly successful in a corporate sales setting.

During her journey in the tech sales field, Clovette discovered that many of her coworkers, like her, were quietly undergoing trauma-informed therapy out of fear of being negatively impacted. Some were even taking prescription meds to cope with commonly known stresses associated with working in sales:

  • information overload
  • meeting quote expectations
  • keeping up with product launches
  • competitive sales tactics performed by sales leadership
  • and, in some cases, biased performance measures

Through her journey of learning how to address PTSD holistically, she found the tools she needed to use her unique experience and perspective as a basis for personal and professional success.

With a mission to share these tools with others, Clovette became a certified hypnotherapist and trainer and now works with personal and professional training and development companies committed to providing a safe and empowering space for salespeople in their Org dealing with PTSD and other mental health concerns.

She leads workshops, provides one-on-one coaching, and facilitates why-based assessments.

Clovette's approach is practical and evidence-based, drawing on research founded in neuroscience and positive psychology. And her direct yet warm approach eases clients, and she tailors her insights and advice to their needs and the needs of their salespeople.