Chris Boots-Faubert

Writer and Newspaper Columnist in Massachusetts

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CM Boots-Faubert is a newspaper columnist, games journalist, freelance writer, game guide and game walkthrough writer, and confirmed Wine Snob writing for The Cape Cod Times,,,,,,, and other online and print publications.

In addition to all of the above he is a retired (medically) Sr. Network Security Engineer who still enjoys tinkering with computer and network security at the kernel level.

An expat Aussie born in Paradise, he now lives in paradise (note the caps as they are not quite the same place) where he is constantly supervised by his wife Yvonne, a son named Peter, a daughter named Autumn, a Felis Catus of the subclass Maine Coon + Burmese whose proper name is "Lightning," an incredibly intelligent and dangerous Ninja Terrapene Carolina Carolina whose name is "Turtle-Turtle," and a pair of Canidae Canis C. lupus familiaris the younger of which is named “Charles (Charley) Quick Paws, who is a mixed Alaskan Husky / Beagle and a bear of very little brains, and his older brother, Sir Calvin Waggly Tail, who is an incredibly intelligent jagdliche Leistungszucht Teckel who is mildly interested in biting people, and deeply interested in cheese of many types, having obtained his post-graduate degree in formaticum.

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