CM Nkonde III

Farmer, Fullstack Marketer, and Technology Consultant in Worldwide

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A Farmer, Fullstack Marketer, and Technology Professional, I am an inquisitive polymath, intrepid communicator and techno-futurist.

#DigitalNomad since 2002, I have lived and worked in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and am now primarily based in Estonia, “the most digitally advanced country in the world” ( “Its government is virtual, borderless, blockchained, and secure.” My presence and network here allows me to better serve a diversified global clientbase (NPOs, governments, education institutions and private companies) with truly innovative solutions and international partnerships.

In South Africa, I am a mentor and technology consultant. Also leading the Research and Development of Techno-hubs in partnership with NWUCoLab.

In Zambia, I am developing and commercialising 7 family farms, and open to proposals and collaborations on renewable energy and precision farming projects.

In Estonia, I am also the Business Mentor for Southern-Africa Markets at Tehnopol, assisting European startups and companies wishing to scale to Southern Africa.





EU-Africa Partnerships. Marketing and Communication. Technology. Renewable Energy. Smart City Solutions. Electric Vehicles. Precision Farming. Cyber Security. Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies. Web Development. Big Data Analytics. Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence. VR and AR.

  • Education
    • North West University
    • Industry and Online Certifications
    • Indigenous Knowlege