Clemens Möller

Professor in Hamburg, Deutschland

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My biophysics lab at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University focuses on ion channel pharmacology, atomic force microscopy, and raman spectroscopy. We have developed a number of assays for pharmaceutical and food safety.

I am involved in the Sigmaringen School of Entrepreneurship and have co-founded nanoinspec, a biotech venture dedicated to developing new and innovative tools and services for life sciences research and early medical diagnostics at the nanoscale.

Find general articles about two main aspects of my work here: my biophysics lab (pdf) and my teaching (pdf). See also: Our Innovationslabor Lehre (Innovation Lab Education); the InViTe Institute; selected more scientific papers here. I also write at Techniktagebuch (Book 2019; Book 2018; Book 2017).

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    • University of Basel