Christy Morrell-Stinson

Consultant in Minneapolis

MISSION: Help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build growth companies through integrated strategies.

As a business strategist, I help you map out an integrated strategic plan, and get your "cash flow to income to investment to wealth" cycle on track!

People reach out to me because they want better business results, on a faster timeline, while maximizing their income. They may feel frustrated or discouraged by so many fragmented and siloed business advisors with competing agendas. They are empowered by my integrated approach that aligns across their strategic goals.



In 2012, I co-founded Stellar Impact Foundation with my husband, Erl Morrell-Stinson, as a public charity to advance the timeless and pervasive ethic of stewardship.

Erl & I believe everyday people like you can make an extraordinary impact on the world you care about!

Stellar Impact Foundation members commit to overturn systems of poverty and then design and build community impact catalyst projects that achieve results across five domains of life and work:

5. Compassionate Awareness

4. Effective Living

3. Entrepreneurial Thinking

2. Active Social Good

1. Inspirational Leadership


About Me: I enjoy mentoring and training adults and youth in leadership, collaboration, and entrepreneurial skills.

My talents are value growth consulting, high performance leadership, business development, and strategic connections.

I serve as Chair for the SAGE Academy Charter School Board, 2017-2019.



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