Christy Morrell-Stinson


I help people on a mission.

What do you want to accomplish, and why? Once you get your driving motivation and intentions lined up, it's time to get a grip and move forward.

Areas of work:

1. Build and engage healthy, happy, wealthy leaders on a mission across the world to disrupt systems of poverty, in great and small ways.

(I.e. build systems of prosperity!)

2. Provide 'General Manager For Hire' services

Our team plans, develops, and manages Social Enterprise business models (including Public Benefit Corporation style business plans.) We encompass brand, digital marketing, sales, and operations.



Erl and I founded Stellar Impact Foundation as a public charity to advance the timeless and pervasive ethic of stewardship.

We believe everyday people like you can make an extraordinary impact on the world you care about

Stellar Impact Foundation members commit to overturn systems of poverty and then design and build community impact catalyst projects that achieve results across five domains of life and work:

5. Compassionate Awareness

4. Effective Living

3. Entrepreneurial Thinking

2. Active Social Good

1. Inspirational Leadership


About Me: I enjoy mentoring and training adults and youth in leadership, collaboration, and entrepreneurial skills.

I am particularly interested in social enterprise as a model to improve capitalism and allow even the "least" in society to participate in creating beauty & wealth.

My talents are new business development and strategic connections through research and relationship building.

I believe we live in a thinking breathing miracle and I want to help you thrive and be resilient.


About Erl: CEOs and Executives access training and coaching and peer advisory roundtables for professional and company growth through Stellar Impact International.

Connect your sense of purpose with your work as a business leader, build high performance teams, and unleash greater significance!


photo credit: Chris Schoenbohm

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