Chloe Vieira

Life Coach in Asheville, NC

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Greetings, I’m Chloe!

I’m a transformational life coach living near Asheville, NC. I am also a trans woman, a parent, an outdoor educator, a former circus performer, and more. Click the button above to book a FREE intro session!

My practice focuses on enriching and accelerating personal, cultural, and planetary transformation. I am most excited to work with clients who are undergoing major life transitions and/or involved in world changing work.

Major life transitions include:

-Birth of a child, death of a family member or friend, new intimate relationship, coupling/marriage, uncoupling/divorce, other major changes in family structure

-Gender transition or exploration

-Life purpose, career, and work related changes

-Major injury or illness, or other change in physical or mental ability

-Personal, sexual, spiritual, political, or other awakening and self-discovery

-anything else that you are experiencing as a major life transition

World changing work includes:

-Parenting and education


-Activism, organizing, direct action, planetary defense

-Cultural creativity

-Helping professions such as therapy, healing arts, social work, sex work, and coaching!

-Anything else that you experience as world changing work

Safe(r) space

I am committed to making my practice as safe and supportive as it can be for clients holding marginalized identities across spectrums of race, class, gender, ability, etc… I recognize that as a white, upper middle class trans woman who was socialized as male for 33 years and grew up in the United States, I have blind spots and will inevitably make mistakes and cause harm. I am committed to remaining open to any and all feedback, regardless of how it is delivered, and to making repair as necessary when I have caused harm. I am also committed to actively seeking out information and guidance on how to prevent and reduce harm, and do not expect my clients with marginalized identities to be my primary teachers in that process. That being said, if you do ever have the capacity and the desire to give me feedback about how I could do better, I would be deeply grateful.


Coaching sessions come in packages of 3, spaced out over 3-4 weeks. These sessions will be scheduled and paid for up front.


Sessions are offered on a sliding scale, from $100-$300 for a 3 session package.

Thanks for reading, and if you're feeling ready for a change then please sign up for a free session using the button at the top!