Coach David Parker

National Mens Head Javelin Coach and Co-Founder of The Javelin Throw in Shanghai, China

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Coach David Parker prioritizes the development of his players' athletic skills and fitness. He has been involved in the physical development of many national athletes in China. He is also responsible for overseeing the growth of the country's national programs. As a coach,

Coach David Parker believes the best way to improve players' movement patterns is by developing a deeper understanding of their fundamentals.

This philosophy allows Coach David Parker to provide his athletes with a safe and controlled environment. He is known for his functional training techniques that help them avoid injuries and improve their dynamic stability.

Coach David Parker is the head coach of the Shanghai Track & Field Team's Performance Javelin program and the national men's coach of the Chinese Athletics Association. He also co-owns and directs the Sightline Performance and The Javelin throw programs.

Before becoming a coach, David worked as the lead throw coach for British Athletics. He earned his master's and bachelor's degrees at the University of Loughborough.

During his time with British Athletics, Coach David Parkerwas the national coach for the combined and javelin throw events. He also worked with various Olympic and Paralympic sports. As a strength and conditioning coach at an English Institute of Sport facility in Yorkshire, David was able to help develop the skills of the country's rugby league and diving teams.

For over 18 years, Coach David Parker has been working with athletes in various sports. He has gained a wide range of experience in the high-performance, strength, and conditioning sectors. He is currently able to serve as a professional coach through the UKSCA.

Moreover, Coach David Parker is dedicated to his family and friends and believes that making the world a better place is as one of his primary goals. He also enjoys supporting the local football team, Liverpool. For over five years, David has been a season ticket holder for the club. He proudly displays the team's slogan, "You'll Never Walk On Your Own."

While relaxing with his family, Coach David Parker enjoys playing football for two different teams in Shanghai. He also enjoys participating in various other leisure activities, such as golf and skiing.