Fabiana Couto

Motivating Change and Wellness Coach in São Paulo, Brasil

Fabiana Couto

Motivating Change and Wellness Coach in São Paulo, Brasil

My name is Fabiana Couto and I am a Certified wellness coach with a MA in Psychology.

My mission is to inspire and support individuals who are feeling stuck with their health and wellbeing to move forward and make the changes they are looking for.

I do that because I know myself that change is not always easy, and yet people get very hard on themselves and feel ashamed when they are not able to make a change; such as losing weight, adopting a new health regimen, quit smoking and so on. The blame and shame just takes them much further away from their desired goals and an enjoyable life.

I have been through a lot of shame and have struggled with a very demanding chronic condition: type 1 diabetes. The doctors could not relate and very often would criticize me alot when I was not able to comply to the treatment and that would leave me feeling ashamed and wondering if there was something wrong with me.

The thing is that I was struggling deep down and I wanted to make positive changes in my life and feel good, however I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to get started.

I needed guidance, compassion, and encouragement.

When I started facilitating groups of people with weight issues in 2014 at the weight clinic at Kaiser Permanente, I realized that those individuals were struggling to make and keep lifestyle changes into their day to day lives like I did in the past and I could see myself a few years earlier in them.

They were not lazy, nor did they lack determination. They were people who wanted to make the most of their lives, who wanted to be the best version of themselves and yet they did not know how to get started.

If you too, want to take your life in your own hands but you don’t know how to get started, you are the kind of person I would like to work with.

Through one-on-one coaching with me, you will be able to define your own road map for health and happiness, accordingly to YOUR needs and goals, and I will provide you with various tools and coaching so you can achieve your full potential in life.

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  • Work
    • Kaiser Permanente, CA
  • Education
    • MA of Arts in Counseling Psychology
    • Integral Coaching certification by International Coaching Federation
    • MA of Arts in Organizational Psychology