Grayson Marshall Jr.

Jacksonville, FL

Grayson Marshall Jr. is a kingdom minded servant, inspirational leader, gifted speaker, entrepreneur and visionary who has traveled around the globe and inspired tens of thousands of people to live their lives to the fullest. Grayson believes the time is right for a paradigm shift on an individual level and within society. “If People Aren’t Laughing at Your Dream, Your Dream Isn’t Big Enough” is the basis for the motivated passion he shares. A 5-time high school basketball Coach of the Year and a business mentor to multiple millionaires, Grayson prides himself on the success of others. Do you know who Tiger Woods’ coach is? Most people don’t, which is exactly the unassuming role he plays in shaping the destiny of so many. As a former McDonald’s High School All-American, two-time collegiate All-American, Team Captain, Career Assist Record-holder, and Athletic Hall of Fame member at Clemson University, Grayson learned the importance of teamwork and assisting others. He is the author of two books, “the Game Matters,” and “Dad’s Unfinished Business,” which pull from his extraordinary journey from homelessness to being one of the most sought-after entrepreneurial speakers in the wellness, finance, and sports industries. Wherever he travels, Grayson finds people in search of fundamental ways to change their lives for the better – mentally, spiritually, and physically. “The Coach,” as he is called, has the tools to help people change their outlook and their income. His personal goal of “creating one thousand millionaires” is reflective of the high aspiration he holds for himself and those around him. He takes information and education and ensures application in the lives of everyone. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and his desire for others to succeed propels his every action, which is why so many notable organizations and corporations have hired him to motivate their teams.

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