David Johnson

Human Potential Life Coach, Sport Performance Consultant, and Public Speaker in Syracuse, NY

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I work with clients who are courageous about revealing an internal spirit with a now or never attitude.

Together we create actions knowing that what’s done is done and someday never comes.

Sure I have professional credentials like degrees, certifications and career experience. I’ll tell you true stories about fun times at school, tough projects, difficult co-workers, business failures and successes if you ask. But I sense what you really want is a discriminating listener. Someone who works hard to “get you”.

I’ve made a successful 30 year career out of paying attention to tone, body language, the message between the lines to find the “voice” within each person. I’m sought after for feedback and advice by friends, colleagues, athletes and business leaders concerned about how they show up, shine, and make it . . . or not.

I play in arenas like personal development, sports, wellness, and performance enhancement.

People know me as Dad, Friend, Business Partner, Investor, Soccer Referee, Cancer Survivor, Traveler, Adopted, Speaker, and Coach.

My clients come to know the difference between their “Hell Yeah!’s” and “God No!’s”. How about you?

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  • Education
    • Ithaca College
    • Syracuse University