Kozhevnikov Andrey

Software Engineer in Иннополис, Россия

C++ Qt/QML developer, embedded Linux.

Specialization: Qt/QML, GUI, C++, WebSockets, Sockets, Python, D-Bus, Linux, MeeGo, Scratchbox, SQLite, Git, Reverse engineering, Disassembly.

Opensource contributions to various Qt4, Qt5, QML, Python projects.

Qt5 applications for desktop and embedded Linux platforms (SailfishOS, Ubuntu Touch)

QML/JS GUI based on QtQuick components, developing own components in Qt5

C++ modules for various purposes, devloping own declarative components.

Networking application based on Sockets, WebSockets.

Using SQLite databases with asynchronous query backend.

Developing and implementing protocols, cryptography, ciphers.

Using D-Bus communications between processes in Linux environment, GConf/dconf settings storage.

Most known activity:

Wazapp contributor (opensource WhatsApp implementation in python)

MeeFox (Qt4/QML Gecko based web browser for MeeGo Harmattan)

Persecute (Qt4/QML WhatsApp cross-platform implementation)

Mitakuuluu Sailfish (Qt5/QML WhatsApp cross-platform implementation)

Android developer at 2GIS LLC (2gis.ru)

Software Engineer at Open Mobile Platform (omprussia.ru)

Mobile full time developer enthusiast, like working in a team, learn new tricks very quick, i'm always in search of new knowledge.

  • Work
    • Software development
  • Education
    • South Ural State University