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Cody Moxam is an American scholar, medical scribe, counselor, and musician known for his groundbreaking work with the Mindful Campus Program and his achievements in the field of psychology and art. He has faithfully served his community as a 12-step recovery sponsor and Ambassador of Recovery at the CU Collegiate Recovery Center.
Cody Moxam’s passion for mindfulness and healthy living are displayed daily in his academic and professional work in the field of psychology, behavioral health, and addiction recovery. He is one of the architects behind CU Boulder’s Mindful Campus Program, and he continues to cultivate strong minds as a Certified Addiction Technician.
Cody Moxam’s contributions to the field of psychology both as a scholar and as a counselor for healthcare organizations are a testament to his passion for helping others and promoting healthy minds in people from all walks of life. He is currently one of the voices guiding CU Boulder’s Mindful Campus Program.
Cody Moxam’s wealth of experience as a scholar and professional in the fields of psychology, behavioral health, and addiction recovery has given him the knowledge and wisdom necessary for being a leader in his community. He is known for being one of the minds behind CU Boulder’s Mindful Campus Program, working through the Renée Crown Wellness Institute.
Through his innovative research and work as a co-designer for the Renée Crown Wellness Institute’s Mindful Campus Program, Cody Moxam is charting a course for the future of behavioral health at the University of Colorado Boulder. His passion for mindfulness and mental health is also apparent in his work as a counselor for addiction recovery programs.