coeng toni

Filmmaker, Actor, and Musician in ing

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I am a filmmaker, actor, and musician currently living in ing. My interests range from movies to video games. I am also interested in hobby.

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Film is one of the mass communication tools, it cannot be denied that film and society have a long history in the studies of communication experts. A film is a display of moving pictures and scenes arranged to present a story to the audience (Montgomery, 2005: 342). Movies provide a very exciting experience. Movies hold people back, at least, when they watch them more intensely than any other medium.

Films are creative works of art and culture which are visual-to-hear mass communication media made based on the principle of cinematography by being recorded on celluloid tapes, video tapes, video discs and / or other technological invention materials in all shapes, types and sizes through a process. chemical, electronic process, or other process, with or without sound, which can be displayed and / or displayed by mechanical, electronic, or other projection systems.

Film is very different from the literary arts, fine arts, sound arts, music arts, and architecture that came before it. Film art relies on technology, both as a raw material for production and in terms of delivery to the audience. Film is an integrated incarnation between various elements, namely literature, theater, fine arts, with sophisticated and modern technology and means of publication (Baksin, 2003: 3).In a film genre, there are elements called repertoire of elements (Br