The well-loved coffee bean is actually the seed of a delicious, healthful red berry, a fruit that nature provided to help nourish our bodies and minds. Whole coffee fruit is packed with antioxidants, and it has an inherent delightful, sweet flavor that's not an acquired taste.

How could such a delicious, beneficial fruit be overlooked for so long?

One reason is purely practical: whole coffee fruit is extremely delicate, extremely perishable, and it's difficult to stabilize. The most premium coffee fruit thrives at high elevations and must be picked at just the right time, when it reaches the perfect color. A picked berry retains its peak flavor and nutritive value only during the first day. How, then, could it possibly be made available to people at the bottom of the mountain, much less thousands of mile away?

It's taken years of research, care, and precision to create a proprietary process of bringing the benefits of the coffee fruit to the general population. The CoffeeBerry® process, which has three patents surrounding it, is proven to protect the integrity of the coffee fruit in flavor, color, and nutritional value. Processing begins the minute the whole coffee fruit is picked to retain every bit of its natural goodness.

CoffeeBerry® is a stabilized, concentrated extract of fresh-picked, 100 % Arabica whole coffee fruit. It contains extraordinary levels of plant compounds reported to have great potential to support human health.

Why haven't you heard of the coffee fruit until now? Because it's been ignored, tossed aside, used for compost. Just a by-product of the coffee bean industry. All these centuries, we've been throwing away the part of the coffee plant that has the most value.

Not anymore. Visit for the whole story!