Coleman Anderson

Small Business Owner, Project Manager, and Director in Baltimore, Maryland

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Former corporate cog, halfway to a masters in Edu (hold please!), co-founder of NewsUp and COO of Further Insights

I am passionate about trying to effect change in the world. Yea, it's cliche, but it's what gets me up and out of bed in the morning! I believe that we can utilize new technologies to connect with each other at a deeper level. Through connection and understanding, we can inspire action.

Member of Baltimore based band Greasy Hands, show promoter, and lover of all things music.

Music has the power to connect us all. It evokes feelings from joy and ecstacy to sadness and dispair. A universal language we can all understand reminds us that we are all human.

  • Work
    • Newsup
  • Education
    • Loyola University Maryland