Colin Bell

Glasgow, Scotland


Dungeon Fun - Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance Award winner in 2014 for Best Comic, Best Writer, Best Cover, and Best Artist.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor (Titan Comics) - back-up humour strips with Neil Slorance


And Then Emily Was Gone (ComixTribe)

Arcadia (BOOM! Studios)

Beast Wagon (Changeling Studios)

Curb Stomp (BOOM! Studios)

Double D (Image Comics)

Dungeon Fun (Dogooder Comics)

Exit Generation (ComixTribe)

The Fiction (BOOM! Studios)

Kennel Block Blues (BOOM! Studios)

Mayday (Black Mask)

Snow Blind (BOOM! Studios)

The Tomorrows (Dark Horse)

UFOlogy (BOOM! Studios)

Venus (BOOM! Studios)