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I am a Gemini Girl whose life has been changed, reinvented, reincarnated, repurposed, several the metamorphoses of a butterfly.

Recently, I gave birth to yet another 'life'---this one a writer, author,creator of blogs, wannabe-rockstar of the written word...

Welcome to my literary world of ever-changing colors, light, characters, and elements of human spirit...those that manifest through my posts about what it was like, working in the funeral service profession.

Formerly licensed as an Embalmer and a Funeral Director, my posts are about the unique situations I found myself a part of and the people I came to meet along the way.

Death is an inevitable and unavoidable part of life. For many, the discussion of it is 'taboo' and therefore many things remain shrouded in mystery.

My vision and intention for this blog: to highlight things that unfold around a death, and the interactions between people drawn into those events. I also hope to allay fears, concerns, and angst by welcoming readers to ask questions they've been afraid to ask, or make commentary about their own feelings and experiences in dealing with the loss of a friend or family member.

BUT...the blog I write is FULL of very interesting surprises...primarily because of my sidekick, "Morguie."

Morguie, the mortuary mouse, is prolific in his effort to entertain. He is serious when he is discussing matters of the heart, or telling you about the things he's witnessed in a death-related event. But Morguie is MUCH more...he's a comedian! He really needed to have a chance to show off his sense of humor so I gave him his very own "Crackers and Bits" special feature. No tears or sad stories allowed here! ONLY FUNNY STUFF! Have a look!

Above all, I hope to add a meaningful insight to Death, grief, and the importance of paying tribute to our departed loved ones.

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