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How to Combat College Exit Exam Nerves

Students across the world are bombarded with tests for entry into college, but before that they are taking their high school exit exams.

When they get to college they have countless finals, college papers writingassignments, and testing again if they are choosing to go on to graduate school. Now they have one more thing to add to the list of tests that are already causing them so much grief, the exit exams given in college.

Parents and employers are complaining that their children and employees are coming out of the universities that have gleaned hundreds of millions of dollars to get these students educated, with minimal knowledge of what they went in there for.

Implemented in 2006 in the California school district, the exit exam is the reason for 35,000 students not qualifying to receive their diplomas from high school. As of this writing that district is now reaching out to those students that passed everything except the exit exam to inform them that they are now able to get their diplomas.

The question remains, are exit exams helping or hindering our student’s growth, and entry into the workforce? If it took 10 years to decide to give those students in California what they worked so hard for, only to be held down by an exit test, it seems that this controversy needs to be examined more closely.

In the meantime, while politicians and educators decide what to do with this anxiety causing test, what can you do as a student to relieve the stress of yet another test you have to take in order to get your degree?

What happens is they get bored and they start another type of game that is more challenging. This is how you have to think of your tests for a subject. Once you sit with it for countless hours, you will know it so well that the test is just a piece of paper to you and is not intimidating.

Trudy J. from Philadelphia says, “I knew I wanted to ace my psychology test, so I created flash cards with questions on one side and the answers on the other. I bought color coded cards so each chapter had its own color assigned. No matter where I was on campus I had someone test me, and if it was my classmate, we tested each other. I got that A.”

There are major studies dedicated to the importance of a good night’s rest. It is not only good for your overall health, but when it comes to