Collette Price

Lawyer and Mediator in England, United Kingdom

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Separating or divorcing is recognised as one of the most difficult and stressful things which will happen to most families. Everyone wants to make sure that they don't lose out on their "rights" and so they turn to lawyers. Unfortunately there is no single 'one size fits all' solution and often there are no legal answers to the problems families face. Certainly where children are concerned the best solution is to find a new way to work together so that the children and the parents can maintain a good relationship.

As a family lawyer and mediator I try to help people to find the most effective route for them.

I offer family mediation for those who would like to try and negotiate a way through their separation through FootSteps A.D.R., based in Bedale. I also provide mediation through Fountain Mediation Limited, based in Middlesbrough.

If you are would prefer legal advice direct from a barrister then I can help through Fountain Chambers.

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